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Born in Havana, Cuba, Ursula began painting and sketching at the age of fifteen. She had a dear aunt that was an oil painter, whom inspired her to pursue her talent. Ursula was also fortunate to visit on occasion the studio of a well known painter, Felix de Cossio, who was her neighbor at the time. Cossio, a portrait painter, allowed her to observe him at work and taught her very valuable tips and techniques. This exposure to painting at such a young age, planted a deep seeded love for painting. 

For many years, Ursula dedicated her life to her career and her family, raising four children. During this time she always had in the back of her mind, her passion for painting. In 1979, after years of not painting, Ursula picked up a brush and decided to follow her heart. And by 1981, she completed her first portrait. 

Years later, living in Florida, she enrolled for an art class. Low and behold it was being instructed by her childhood neighbor, Felix de Cossio. How funny life is! By this time Cossio had a successful career in New York, painting portraits of famous socialites. Spending time with her mentor once more, Ursula acquired many more techniques and qualities that would improve her paintings throughout her career as an artist. 
The majority of her work is inspired by and reflects her tropical roots, rich in color, texture and warmth. Such works have included flowers, fruits, and palm trees. Much of Ursula’s success has been in figure painting and portraiture, family portraits, and pets. She has also had the opportunity to paint murals at several local locations. Ursula is always enthused and eager to experiment with new concepts, images and content.Presently residing in Lake Worth, Ursula has now fully dedicated herself to her works of art.
She is a recognized member of the Wellington Art Society participating in many workshops and events. She has also received award-winning prizes for several of her art pieces. Today, Ursula is happy to say that she spends most of her time painting in the privacy of her home studio.